2022 UPDATE: I am now FULLY BOOKED all year with all my regular customers.

So if you are a new customer I have a son that shears, but he does not drive yet, so, if you don't mind picking him up (from Horncastle, Lincolnshire (LN9)) he might be able to fit you in. My wife may also be able to bring him to you if you can not pick him up. Nathan's number is on the 'Other Sheep Shearers' link above.

Another thing you could try is call some of the shearers I know who are listed on the 'Other Sheep Shearers' page, just follow the link above.

You could also try hunting down your lacal shearer, not an easy task I dare say. Start by looking round for other sheep, then try and track down who owns them, ask them who shears them and then ask that shearer if they will come to do yours. If you only have a few pet sheep then the shearer might at first say no, and that is often because they do not want to charge enough to make it worth their while. Shearers normally change about £2.50/sheep, so that will not be worth them turning up, so if you offer them £50 then they may very well say yes!

I do not want to give my full address online as people my know when I am out, so know when my house is empty!! So, this is the centre of my home town (which is four miles from my house), so, it is not my postal address.

Near: Market Place
Horncastle Lincolnshire LN9 UK

Mobile 07795 956922

Email address:
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