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Other Sheep Shearers

If you are a sheep shearer looking for work or someone looking for a sheep shearer then there is a page on the George Mudge website where jobs are advertised and you can advertise yourself, of find shearers looking for work go there by clicking HERE 

The is a another list of other sheep shearers HERE on a website called Sheep Keep

In 2020 the National Association of Agricultural Contractors (NAAC) has actually started compiling a list of shearers in the country at last. Their reason now, is to get ready for the lack of shearing from the likes of Australia and New Zealand this year, but whatever the reason, it is now been done, so head there and see if you can find someone to help you. Try …….Just here
Down at the bottom of the page are shearers that prefer smaller groups of sheep, with the ones near the top for larger lots.

Josie Gilbert - Sheep shearer with several years experience for smaller lots and pet sheep. Travels all over the country if she has the time. Bronze Seal (12 per hour to a suitable standard) . Now in Wiltshire. 

Mobile: 07792 874 321    email: josiegilbert72@gmail.com

Charles Wilson - Shearer, pet sheep and small lots preferred but larger lots up to 200 also done, Silver Seal (25 per hour to a suitable standard) , from Wragby, Lincolnshire, Text or email preferred

Mobile: 07813 744746       email: TheSheepBarberUK.gmail.com

Rachel Shelton - Shelton Shearing - Sheep shearer for smaller lots and pet sheep preferred but will consider larger flocks, local jobs preferred but is prepared to travel further, holds a British Wool Bronze Seal (12 per hour to a suitable standard) Nottingham

Mobile: 07725 848304    email: SheltonShearing@hotmail.com

Website: sheltonsheepshearing.webs.com

Neil Parsons - Sheep Shearer - Any numbers of sheep from 1 to 1000, up to 250/day. Can be fully self sufficient with generator and handling pen, Kent and South East England

Mobile: 07805 839115     email: nfpshearing@gmail.com

Carl Hopkins INJURED and not working in 2021- Sheep shearer, Just getting back into shearing after a break from it, just pet sheep and small jobs considered

Mobile: 07488 347380 

Aaron May - Shearer, Small Holder sheep up to 120, and alpaca shearing, Gloucestershire

Mobile: 07495 435332      email: aaron.may@mypostoffice.co.uk
Website: http://www.oakdean-smallholding.co.uk/

Nathan Hewson - Shearer, a son of mine that shears, from Horncastle (will need picking up as he does not drive yet).

Mobile: 07760 994694  email: nhewsonatm@gmail.com

Cathy Cassie - Shearer, small sheep preferred, from Leicestershire

Mobile: 07734 478468

Josalin Harrison - Shearer, from Burton Upon Trent (Maybe)

email: jossharrison@yahoo.co.uk

Andy Power - Shearer of little lots, from Devon

Mobile: 07835 247520        Home: (01364) 621459

Paul Carp - Shearer and Farm Sitter, from Somerset

Home: (01460) 221241

Philip Fisher - Shearer, small and large lots, and fencing too, from near Sheffield

Mobile: 07583 452511    email: SingingShearer@aol.com 

Website: http://www.singingshearer.co.uk