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Recent Photos

Videos Of Me Shearing And Foot Trimming Sheep

Thank you to Vivian for supplying the original DVD, and AVS Video Converter. With some editing by me, we have produced a video of me shearing one of the largest sheep I have come across.

The first clip is me at racing speed, it takes about 1min 25 seconds to shear this sheep. The second is a seven minute clip, taking things nice and gently on the above mentioned sheep, fat and woolly.

The third is me skydiving !!at Hibaldstow Airfield (the highest in the country and my local one).

I do have higher resolution video clips but I am limited for space on this web site (as it is free I can't complain) but if you want to see them in better quality I could get you a copy another way.

High Speed Shearing

Slower Shearing

Skydive Hibaldstow!

My News Clip Moment

Here is a link to a site where you can find another video of me shearing with another women from TV, this time Sophia Bird from ITV News for the Channel Islands